Over the last several weeks a couple of my buddies and I have been fly fishing for humpies around the sound. The run so far at this point is not looking quite as strong as they predicted but there are still plenty of fish to be caught. Below are a few of the fish that we decided to snap a picture of.




Besides the pink salmon I scored a bonus ratfish while anchored on a Puget sound flat.



See ya on the water!



Well last week a few of my buddies and I headed for the coast to do some fly fishing for silvers. We arrived to some marginal weather but we were able to get out and catch some fish.


We mostly bucktailed but when we got into a large school of fish we would often cast on them and hook up. We even had a few double headers.


James seemed to have the hot fly the first day but we all manged plenty of fish.




Although I think Erik caught the slab of the trip.



We caught a bunch of humpies as a bycatch which amazed me because we were trolling so fast. Some of them were quite large.



Just the numbers of fish up there are staggering especially when your used to fishing Puget Sound. It was a lot of fun seeing so many fish and catching quite a few.




We even managed a few sea bass on the way back in.




Evan managed the biggest sea bass of the trip. It was a monster and one of the largest I have seen on a fly.


Anyway we had a good trip with sunny weather and plenty of fish to be caught. I look forward to my next adventure up on the olympic peninsula, it is always a learning experience. Can’t wait to get back out on the water again. Tight lines everyone.







I just returned from a week of fly fishing in the Florida Keys with the guys at the Bahia Honda Sportsman Club. First off the weather for the week was absolutely terrible with the exception of the day we arrived and the day we left of course. The guides and staff at the Bahia Honda Sporting Club were simply amazing. Despite the weather Gordon, the owner and my guide for the week did everything in his power to get us out on the water and on fish whenever the weather permitted. Also the food that was served was the best I have ever eaten in my life, from steak to all the various kinds of local sea food. Not only was everyone there professional, more importantly they were likable and willing to do anything to make our stay enjoyable. From our first day there my girlfriend Ashley and I felt as if we had been friends with them forever, they were just so fun to talk to and likable.

Fly fishing for tarpon 149Fly fishing for tarpon 148

Fly fishing for tarpon 144

As far as the fishing goes it was kind of tough because of the weather which forced us to fish around some of the bridges due to low visibility and extreme wind. Despite the less than ideal weather I still managed to hook 23 tarpon between 80 and 150 pounds on the trip.

The first evening we decided to take the girls and Gordon’s son out on the boat with us and  fishing was absolutely amazing! The worm hatch was on and there were tarpon finning and rolling everywhere. At one point Gordon and I had a double header going on and fish were eating on almost every cast. It was a great decision to bring  the girls and Gordon’s son as well, we laughed and had a great time, plus we were all able to enjoy the nice weather before the terrible weather including tropical storm Andrea.

Fly fishing for tarpon 150

Fly fishing for tarpon 153

Fly fishing for tarpon 154

Fly fishing for tarpon 155

Fly fishing for tarpon 162

Fly fishing for tarpon 210

Fly fishing for tarpon 170

Fly fishing for tarpon 171

Even Ashley got to fight a tarpon for a while before it spit the hook.

Fly fishing for tarpon 192

Fly fishing for tarpon 193

The first evening was off the charts, I hooked 12 and Gordon hooked 5 in two hours and I even landed my first tarpon on a fly.

Fly fishing for tarpon 200 Fly fishing for tarpon 208

Fly fishing for tarpon 206

Fly fishing for tarpon 183

We fished SAGE 10wt fly rods the whole time usually with a clear intermediate line or clear floater. I had one large tarpon get attacked by about a 14′ hammerhead and needless to say the shark won.








Fly fishing for tarpon 204

Then the weather came in and we were lucky to get a couple hours of fishing in each evening. Lightning storms, wind and rain were the norm for the remainder of the trip.




Fly fishing for tarpon 241

Fly fishing for tarpon 237

One of the afternoons during a storm I was out casting off the dock and managed to catch my first barracuda and on a fly no less. It was a small one but a first and still a lot of fun to see.

Fly fishing for tarpon 221

Fly fishing for tarpon 222

Anyway we had a blast, caught a bunch of fish and met some new friends. If anyone is interested in fly fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys I would highly recommend checking out the Bahia Honda Sportsman Club. They flat out catch fish and treat there guests like royalty.

Fly fished for lingcod on Saturday and Sunday with my cousin Jeremy and friend James. Saturday the lings bit pretty well and we manged four lingcod from 20″ to 29″ .

Fly fishing for lingcod 002

Fly fishing for lingcod 012

Fly fishing for lingcod 005

My cousin ended up with the big fish of the weekend, a 29″ ling that fought really hard.

Fly fishing for lingcod 008

Fly fishing for lingcod 009

Sunday the fishing was not quite as good because of the weather change. However, we managed one nice ling of about 27″ after sticking it out and fishing hard for a few hours.

fly fishing for lingcod 002

fly fishing for lingcod 003

Anyway, we had a great weekend of ling fishing and it was nice being out on the water. I also got to test out some new flies and the lings seemed to like them.

Two weeks until the Florida Keys tarpon trip! Might go out fishing a week night or two after work until then but that’s probably it.

Tight Lines


My cousin Jeremy, my friend Erik and I headed out to the coast for a few days of fly fishing for bottom fish. The weather was absolutely amazing with the exception of it being windy most of the time making for tough fly fishing but with patience and good boat control we were able to get into some fish.

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 042

We caught several small lings of about 8 pounds, countless seabass of all sizes including a few pushing 6 or 7 pounds that we did not get a picture of. But the coolest thing for me on this trip besides the awesome weather and spending time with my friends was my first cabezon on the fly.

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 039

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 058

Another cool thing was being able to fish deeper water with my 12wt and a 550 grain rio coldwater striper line. The cabezon and lings pictured in this post all came from 65 to 75 feet of water. A slow retrieve and dark drab colored flies seemed to be the ticket with the exception of the sea bass liking a particular streamer with a lot of blue flash over white yak hair.

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 053

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 005

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 008

Although the ling cod that we caught were not big they put up a great fight typical of the species with strong quick runs and heavy sulking as they resisted the pull of my 12wt.

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 054

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 051

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 045

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 052

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 033

Erik even scored a bonus red irish lord who could not resist a huge yak hair streamer fished deep and slow for lings.

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 002

Did I mention it was nice out!

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 025

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 044

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 041

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 050

Anyway we had a great time catching a bunch of fish and sun. And as always the beauty of the northern coast of Washington is amazing which makes it that much harder to leave and go back home. Now I just have to find a way to make the time go by until my tarpon trip in June. Some more fishing should help to pass the time.

Tight Lines Everyone!

Fly fishing for lingcod and cabezon 024

I headed east with my uncle, cousin and family friend friday after work in search of some relaxation and healthy trout. We ended up finding both. We chose to fish a lake that does not produce high numbers of small to medium size trout but modest numbers of large trout with the chance for a monster bow on the fly.

The weather was great with little to no wind and moderate temperatures in the afternoon. However, it was cold in the mornings, somewhere in the low to mid 20s.

Spring Trout 2013 003

The fish were pretty active with a surface water temp around 44 degrees. They were primarily eating dark brown leeches and chironomids. We caught the majority of our fish on brown leech patterns and a few fishing chironomids under an indicator. The fish that we caught were all really healthy and bright with the exception of one 20″ male that was in spawning colors. The average fish was 16″ to 20″ with a decent amount pushing the 22″ mark and a couple larger fish to hand.

Spring Trout 2013 001

Spring Trout 2013 002

Spring Trout 2013 029

Spring Trout 2013 017

Spring Trout 2013 011

Spring Trout 2013 007

Spring Trout 2013 008

Spring Trout 2013 014

Spring Trout 2013 026

Spring Trout 2013 027

We caught quite a few nice trout over the day and a half that we had to fish and I was only able to take so many pictures as we were often times spread out but the big fish of the trip was caught by my uncle. It was a hefty rainbow that taped out at 27″ long.

Spring Trout 2013 023

He was pretty excited which was awesome to see and I am pretty sure it is his largest trout caught in a lake to date.

It was a short trip but a lot of fun, filled with laughs, fish, nights in the camper tying the next days hot fly and time spent with family and friends. I can’t wait until next time.

Spring Trout 2013 015

Tight Lines Everyone!


Spent the morning and early afternoon fly fishing with my cousin Jeremy and friend James on a gorgeous March day. We elected to fish the first push and middle of a large outgoing tide throwing various bait fish imitations. This turned out to be a good idea as we landed about 20 gorgeous sea run cutthroat trout between the three of us, with Jeremy and James doing most of the catching today while I took pictures and caught a few.

March SRC 006

March SRC 008

March SRC 009

March SRC 007

The fish averaged about 14″ to 17″ today with a few smaller and a couple pushing the 19″ mark. It was a fun day filled with above average size cutts on the prowl for an easy meal and we were more than willing to fool a few. As a bonus it was an absolutely amazing march day made even better by being able to fish with family and friends.

March SRC 010

Well for now its back to the tying bench to whip up some more steelhead flies in preparation for next weeks trip. Wish me luck as I go chase some winter metal.

Tight Lines Everyone!