My name is Jonathan Tachell, I grew up in north Tacoma fishing Point Defiance and the surrounding lakes and streams. I currently live in Gig Harbor and still fly fish the Point Defiance area and travel around Washington fly fishing for everything from trout, steelhead and salmon to tiger muskie, lingcod, bass and anything else that swims. I tie all of my own flies and try to learn as much about each fishery that I visit as possible. Conservation is also very important to me, as many of you know our native steelhead and salmon runs are in tough shape and if one is fortunate enough to catch one of these amazing fish they should be handled with care and gently released. To say that fly fishing for me is an obsession would be an understatement, it is more of an addiction. Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful in some way.

Tight Lines Jonathan Tachell